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Cookery Students reviews

The 8 week course was an extraordinary experience.
The improvement in my cooking techniques through the fun and inspiring hours spent at the cookery school is astonishing. I learnt much more than I ever thought I would, new techniques, tips, and overall a different approach to flavour profiles.
Mark and Corinne’s passion for cooking, classic techniques and perfection is felt through every dish.
I love the atmosphere of the magnificent kitchen which I now feel like my own. I cannot wait to go back!
Many many thanks

Monica (Repas Technique 8 week course)

La Grande Technique is a course that will help all levels of cooks to improve their skills in the kitchen. Designed around five or six different dishes, each with a number of core skills required of the everyday cook, the content is simple to learn but difficult to master.
It is a fun and challenging day and all of the chefs are helpful and cheery in equal measure.
If you want to learn to be a better cook do this course.

Gareth (La Grande Technique 3 week course)

Absolutely brilliant, me and my wife got to do the course last night and cant wait to share the food with our friend for Sunday lunch Today. Our neighbours were lucky enough to get a desert each last night with their take a way :-) Can't wait to do more of the courses.

Stephen (Repas Technique 2)

Today I served the best apple crumble I have ever made - thanks to Madame Gautier's cookery course for the technique.

Anne (Hot Puddings & Desserts)

Mark's skills, both as a chef and a teacher, are amazing! Folks, go and have a class with Madame Gautier - so much fun and v. good for ideas!

Bjorn (Repas Technique 1)

Mark is absolutely brilliant! Great teacher - very patient, clear and a lot of fun. If you are into cooking, Madame Gautier is a must do!

Dimitar S. (Repas Technique 4)

I attended a cooking class on the 3/04/13, which was a valentine’s day present from my wife and, whilst pleased, having spent some years working in a kitchen I was a little dubious about how much I would learn.
How wrong I was!
I had the most fabulous time and it has re-ignited my love of cooking. The atmosphere is relaxed; the teaching excellent; the flavours fabulous and the company delightful. I would recommend everyone to spend as much time as they can with the Gautiers. You will learn a lot; taste and make delicious food and enjoy yourself enormously.
Yours faithfully,

William Bosa (Repas Technique 1)

I attended a course a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic and I really enjoyed the day!…. I want to make the salted caramel chocolate tart again for Easter as it was a total hit back home!! Thanks again for such a great day and was well worth the trip from Liverpool to you guys.

Chris (La Grande Technique 1)

I had another fantastic course today. I am really enjoying developing my skills. I am also enjoying the team that I get to work with. The family is also enjoying the food that we produce.

Mark (Repas Technique 8 week course)

The food today was lovely, our chocolate fondants were magnificent!
Many thanks!

Monica (Repas Technique 8 week course)

Thanks very much for the Viennoiserie class last Sunday. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, as I have never worked with brioche before. Your facilities were a pleasure to be in, excellent equipment and plenty of space due to the small class size. Maddie was excellent, she was well organised, explained everything well and was very friendly. Its amazing that we made so much food in the five hour class!
Thanks again, and I am interested in coming with my wife to the grande technique,

Regards Tom (Viennoiserie)

It was such a lovely treat to cook in your lovely new kitchen. I really enjoyed the macaroon making and the puff pastry course and was amazed at how many lovely things there were to take home from both courses. I was also impressed at how many techniques and little tricks and tips we were taught. The atmosphere was very relaxed but we got through a lot! The small classes makes it more special. I have been to other courses with lots more students and I certainly didn't learn as much as your course.
The children are looking forward to gorgeous millefeuille slices when they get home from school and beautiful pithiviers for supper tonight! The palmiers disappeared as soon as got home with them last night.
Thanks again and I wish you lots of success; I have been telling everyone about your courses,

Louisa (Macaroons & Puff Pastry)

I had a fantastic time, thanks!!! I am sure I'll use the recipes many times.....

C (Viennoiserie)

Corinne is lovely. They were all lovely in fact. I'll be recommending it far and wide!

Anna (Viennoiserie)

@madamegautier mark makes cookery fun and tasty - had great time saturday learning new things and took home delightful sharing dishes.

C Baden-Fuller (La Grande Technique 3 week course)

The class was very good, i learned so much in 3 hours and all the information was easy to understand to a new student who does not know much about cooking. The two chefs were excellent they were always there to answer any questions I had on my mind. I loved how simplistic the cooking was. The other students was a pleasure to learn with, all were very enthusiastic about cooking which made me feel more comfortable with asking questions. In short 10/10 top marks. Can't wait for my next lesson.

Ben (Repas Technique 4)

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the course last Sunday. My wife Sara and I had a thoroughly enjoyable (and, we believe, constructive) time.
Kind regards,

Ian (La Boucherie - Agneau & Volaille)

I just wanted to say another big thank you for the course yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the instruction from both Mark and Maddie.
Everything went really well at home. I cooked the meat for another hour … the girls even loved the mushrooms and button onions.
Thanks so much.

Mark (Repas Technique 8 week course)

@madamegautier thank you for the spectacular lamb and poultry butchery and cooking course yesterday I can't wait until the beef day.

Kevin (La Boucherie - 3 week course)

Mark gives a fascinating and inspiring class in La Grande Technique - you learn new tips, gain confidence and get inspired. It is a must if you are interested in food - how to prepare properly confit of duck, lamb navarin, sole veronique. And - congratulations in taking allergies seriously - profitero rolls without lactose or gluten that taste divine.

Charles of W2 (La Grande Technique 3 week course)

I was looking for a course that would teach professional techniques, but with an accessible and fun approach. That's exactly what I found in La Grand Technique. The emphasis on methods rather than recipes makes the techniques transferable and it has definitely influenced the way I will cook a whole variety of dishes. With dishes to take home and expert tuition in small groups it's excellent value for money too.

Jess - Kent (La Grande Technique 3 week course)

The class was marvellous, we had a great time.

Monica (Repas Technique 1)

Thank you so much! I certainly enjoyed the day and look forward to attending another class in the near future. I have already made the red wine jus and it came out great!
Kind regards,

Leslie (Repas Technique 1)


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