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Classes & Courses

Repas Technique

-La Technique Feast - 3hours

Repas Technique 1

Techniques of this class include:

  • boning poultry, blending & making meat based mousses;
  • stuffing, rolling & tying;
  • poaching & pan roasting;
  • vegetable preparation, puréeing & piping;
  • egg custards with bain-marie;
  • perfecting caramel & creaming method for biscuits.
  • Garnishing & presentation.

Repas Technique 3

Techniques of this class include:

  • butchery skills & French trimming;
  • searing & braising;
  • making stuffings, blanching & poaching;
  • vegetable preparation;
  • chocolate work, setting & moulding;
  • creams.
  • Garnishing & presentation.

Repas Technique 5

Techniques of this class include:

  • filleting & preparing flat fish;
  • stuffings & mousseline;
  • poaching & reduction sauces;
  • vegetable preparation;
  • braising & moulding;
  • basic génoise, baking & filling;
  • hot dessert sauces and creams.
  • Garnishing & presentation.

Repas Technique 7

Techniques of this class include:

  • complete boning of poultry;
  • tying & rolling;
  • stuffings & forcemeats;
  • roasting & braising;
  • vegetable preparation;
  • moulding;
  • sauces & reductions;
  • introduction to hot soufflés & fruit compotes.
  • Garnishing & presentation.

3hour REPAS TECHNIQUE - individual class £120

La Grande Technique

-La Technique masterclass - 5hours

La Grande Technique 1

With this class you will master:

  • the techniques of Purée Soups;
  • chicken butchery & knife skills;
  • boning & cutting for sauté;
  • how to pané;
  • pot braising & pan-frying;
  • making mousselines and emulsions;
  • various vegetable preparation techniques;
  • perfecting stocks, reductions & sauces;
  • pastry making, lining & baking;
  • dessert creams & an introduction to ice-cream.
  • Tips and techniques of the profession’s finishing touches, garnishes and presentation.

La Grande Technique 2

With this class you will master:

  • the techniques of creating deep flavoured Broths;
  • poultry butchery & knife skills;
  • methods to confit poultry;
  • making stocks & reductions;
  • creating rich stuffings;
  • various vegetable and pulse preparation techniques;
  • preparing & trimming flat fish & shellfish;
  • poaching & steaming;
  • perfecting butter sauces;
  • introduction to classic French egg cooking techniques;
  • mastering dessert mousses,
  • sweet sauces &
  • making simple but unique tuiles.
  • Tips and techniques of the profession’s finishing touches, garnishes and presentation.

La Grande Technique 3

With this class you will master:

  • the techniques of simple cream soups;
  • leg of lamb butchery & knife skills;
  • boning & dicing; creating forcemeat stuffings;
  • learning methods of sautéing, braising & casseroles;
  • preparing & trimming round fish; searing & pan-roasting;
  • perfecting stocks, meat based sauces & butter sauces;
  • various vegetable preparation techniques including the art of vegetable turning;
  • introduction to classic French egg cooking techniques;
  • choux pastry making, fillings & hot dessert sauces.
  • Tips and techniques of the profession’s finishing touches, garnishes and presentation.

5hour LA GRANDE TECHNIQUE individual class £175

La Pâtisserie

-Pastry - 3 hours

La Pâte à Tarte
Tarts & Pies

Introduction to pastes, learning various methods of simple pastry making and baking.

With dishes to include Quiche Lorraine, Tarte aux Pommes, Egg custard Tart, Tarragon Chicken Pie.

Les Crèmes
Creams & Fillings

Learning the basic methods of creams and fillings will form a foundation and understanding of the classic French technique.

With dishes to include Crème Caramel, Crème Brulée, Sauce Anglaise, Crème Patissière, Frangipane and Lemon Meringue

Les Gâteaux

A real must for home bakers, learning the basic techniques and moving to a more advanced French génoise version.

With dishes to include our take on Victoria Sponge, Madeleines and Black Forest Gâteau and an introduction to chocolate decoration

Les Mousses et Gelées
Mousses & Jellies

A class delivering the classic techniques of French Mousses and other set creams working with chocolate, gelatine & garnishes.

Perfect for creating those Dinner Party desserts with dishes to include Fresh Lemon Mousse with Jelly, Rich Chocolate Mousse, Panacotta.

Les Puddings
Hot Puddings & Desserts

De-mystifying the "Chocolate Fondant", getting to grip with Winter Puddings and of course the ULTIMATE Custard

With dishes to include Bread & Butter Pudding, Classic Steamed Sponge, Chocolate Fondant Desserts, Crumble & Custards

La Pâte à Choux
Choux Pastry

Introduction to creating Choux Pastry desserts, working with sugar, fondant, fillings, toppings and sauces.

With dishes to include Savoury Gougères, Eclairs, Profiteroles, Pièce Montée, Fondant Work, Fillings and Toppings.

La Pâte feuilletée
Puff Pastry

Making the perfect Puff Pastry and learning great techniques to create fabulous party food.

With dishes to include a Savoury Pithivier, Classic Millefeuille, Palmiers, Enriched Savoury Straws and Nibbles

Le Pain

Our beginners Baking Course, learning the basic and important French technique for perfect bread.

With dishes to include Pain de Mie, Fougasse, Bread Rolls, Flat Breads and Soda Bread

(PLEASE CALL to book & pay for this class - £735)

3hour LA PÂTISSERIE - individual class £105

3hour LA PÂTISSERIE - 4 classes £385

3hour LA PÂTISSERIE - 8 week course £735

La Pâtisserie Fine

-Speciality Pastry

Les Macarons
3 hours

This popular course delivers the perfect technique to produce a fantastic range of Macaroons and classic fillings.

With dishes to include Macaroon Biscuits, Ganache, Butter Creams and Jellies.

Enriched Dough
5 hours

A more advanced Bread and Viennoiserie Class. Working with Brioche, Breakfast goods pastries and afternoon delights.

With dishes to include Brioche Loaves, Raisin & Cinnamon Swirls, Doughnuts, Savoury Cheese and Bacon Buns.

Petits Fours
3 hours

This class serves as an introduction to Gift Baking, producing a range of Petits Fours and Sweets suitable for After Dinner or sharing with friends and family.

With dishes to include Pâtes de Fruits, Financiers, Chocolate Truffles, Marshmallows, Florentines

Champagne Afternoon Tea
3 hours

Learn to create everything you need for the sumptuous & elegant British ritual of afternoon tea; during the class, enjoy a selection of traditional finger sandwiches with a glass of bubbles.

To include dainty Mini Sponges, perfect Butter Scones, Marshmallow Cakes & classic Biscuits.

3hour LA PÂTISSERIE FINE Macaroons £120

3hour LA PÂTISSERIE FINE Petits Fours £120

5hour LA PÂTISSERIE FINE Viennoiserie £150

Champagne Afternoon Tea - 3 hours £105

La Boucherie

-Butchery - 5 hours

La Boucherie -

Butchery - Beef.
5 hours

La Boucherie -

Butchery - Pork.
5 hours

La Boucherie -
Agneau & Volaille.

Butchery - Lamb
& Chicken.

5 hours.

Our butchery classes will introduce you to the important knife skills & techniques required to breakdown your own joints.

You will learn all about the cuts, how they relate to the animal & bird and which are the best for the many different cooking methods.

Techniques will include cutting, chopping, French trimming, stuffing, rolling & tying as well as classic cooking methods, carving, portioning, garnishing & presentation.

5hour LA BOUCHERIE - individual class £200

5hour LA BOUCHERIE - 3 week course £570

Les Classiques


Coq Au Vin

2hour class £59

The ultimate classic in French gastronomy. Coq au Vin is easily one of the most celebrated chicken dishes in the world, a perfect dish to share with family and friends alike.

Learn the all-time classic French chicken casserole and how to perfect an unctuous red wine sauce with smoked bacon and mushrooms.

Boeuf Bourguignon

2hour class £59

An all time classic French comfort dish. Boeuf Bourguignon is certainly one of the most celebrated beef dishes in the world. A beautiful dish, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Master the all-time classic slow cooked French beef casserole loaded with wonderful flavours of red wine, smoked bacon, pearl onions and mushrooms.

Filet de Boeuf En Croûte
Beef Wellington

2 hour class £79

Nothing says ‘special occasion’ quite like this, now, British classic. Pure pleasure on a plate and once mastered, sure to impress.
In this class you will learn how to prepare the perfect fillet of beef parcelled in light, flakey puff pastry with a classic crêpe, pâté and duxelles lining.

Koulibiac de Saumon
Salmon En Croûte

2 hour class £79

The classic Russian salmon dish brought to France by the famed chef Escoffier in the early part of the 20th century. Salmon steaks topped with spinach rice and egg all encased in a butter puff pastry. Master the technique of encasing with pastry before decorating to a fine detail.

Tarte Au Citron
2 hour class £45

Tarte au citron is versatile, elegant, classic and quintessentially French. The light, zingy, creamy flavour of this much loved dessert makes it a hit with people of all ages.

Learn the secrets of a light and crumbly pastry; how to get the most out of your wonderful lemon custard filling, and prepare a blackcurrant coulis for a perfect combination.

Tarte Tatin
2 hour class £45

Discover the secrets of this glorious upside-down tart made famous by the Tatin sisters; with all the elements of pleasure: dark caramel, sweet, acid apple and crisp pastry.

The classic caramelised apple tart with a puff pastry lid, and what better way to serve than with an unbeatable homemade Crème Anglaise.

2hour LES CLASSIQUES - £45 class

2hour LES CLASSIQUES - £59 class

2hour LES CLASSIQUES - £79 class

Techniques Avancées

-Intermediate Classic Techniques - 5 day course

Les Couteaux

- Professionals Knife Skills - 2 Hours

Slice & Dice

The first class in the series will give you an introduction to knives: how to hold them, how to look after them and keep them sharp, but most importantly, how to use them properly and safely.

You will learn all the different cuts of vegetables, including the Classics: Julienne, Brunoise, and Paysanne.

We will finish with a dish created from all of the techniques that we have covered during the class. You’ll be slicing like a professional in no time!

Fish Filleting

The second lesson in our series of Knife Skills covers the art of filleting fish, both Round and Flat.

Learn the benefits of buying whole fish and the secrets to successfully remove the bones, leaving you with beautiful fillets and the beginnings of your own home made stock!

We will cover everything from buying and what to look for; to cooking and which methods suit different fish. You will also learn a few simple sauces to accompany your fish.

Chicken Boning

The third lesson in Madame Gautier’s series of Knife Skills is all about Chicken. You will learn how to break down a whole chicken into all of it’s different joints.

Nothing goes to waste, from the wings to the bones, we will use it all to make some wonderful dishes, including our famous Ballotine de Volaille; and of course, how to make the perfect rich & delicious chicken stock, the basis of so many soups, sauces or casseroles, a must-have in the kitchen.

2 hour KNIFE SKILLS - 3 classes course £120

2 hour KNIFE SKILLS - individual class £45

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