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La technique (cookery school)

Our London based, cookery school Madame Gautier ~ LA TECHNIQUE ~ is a method and technique cookery school where you learn, hands on, the skills of classic French Cuisine which has influenced most of the Western World.

LA TECHNIQUE Cookery School has it's very own bright and airy space, right next door to the Madame Gautier base, in London NW10 (see map) with free on-site parking.

This beautiful space is exclusively for our fantastic range of classes & courses offered weekday, evenings & weekends, every week.

Whether it's a one off Butchery Class, a Technique Feast or an 8 week Pastry Course, you can view all classes, dates and prices on-line, please call us to check availability for your preferred date, to book and pay for the class or course you wish to attend.

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Our classes are suitable for all levels, from a total beginner to a budding chef already confident in the kitchen.

Our classes are small and intimate, with a total hands-on approach, to give everyone the opportunity to experience all the techniques first hand whilst ensuring everyone gets lots of individual attention and a fun time is had by all.

Classes are run by our experienced team of chefs, under the guidance of Mark, who taught at London's two best professional catering schools, having taught many of today's up and coming new chefs, trained the chefs for Jamie Oliver's first '15' restaurant & mentored the 2004 'Young Chef of the Year'.

Throughout the classes we will teach, demo and assist you in learning basic knife skills, food preparation & brand new cooking techniques with methods you will be able to adapt & use as a great foundation for your home cooking and culinary endeavours.

We will teach you the SECRETS of many of our very own dishes that you may have already tasted from our Markets and Shop and always wanted to recreate yourself. We are always being asked for our recipes, so here is your chance to come and learn how we do it.

All ingredients, equipment & utensils are provided, we shall even wash up! We just ask for you to bring your own passion and enthusiasm so to maximize your experience.

At the end of the class we send you home with all your many creations, together with extra ingredients to recreate the dishes again.

The classes will run to your individual pace but they will be intense as we hope to fit in as much as possible; don’t worry we will also give you, to take home, lots of notes on the various classic techniques you have learnt and the recipes of the class.

Happy Cooking!

Classes & Courses

Repas Technique

La Technique Feast

(3 hour classes)

A series of Method & Technique classes, which can be taken individually or as a group of 4 classes. Whilst preparing a sumptuous meal you will learn a whole range of classic French Culinary techniques, timings & methods, an introduction to the principles of butchery and be taught how to adapt the skills learnt to you own recipes. Each Repas Technique class covers different skills and variations to build a classic repertoire for use in your future culinary endeavours. We will sit down at the end and enjoy our creations, all together, with a glass (or two!) of our French wine and you will still have enough to take back and share at home.

Individual class £120; book 4 classes £440
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La Boucherie


(5 hour classes)

A series of 3 classes: Beef - Pork - Lamb & Chicken.

These classes will teach you the different cuts of meats and how to prepare and cook them. You will learn how to use chefs’ knives with confidence, correct methods of chopping & slicing, how to get the best textures and flavours. How to use up all the bits! And of course how to create fantastic dishes with sauces and garnishes to compliment. You will take home a great selection of fabulous cuts and joints that you have prepared during the class

Individual class £200; book 3 week course £570
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La Grande Technique

La Technique Masterclass

(5 hour classes)

A series of 3 individual classes. Our ultimate masterclass of French culinary techniques, covering a whole range of knife and cooking skills that you will be able to master & adapt with confidence at home. You will have an introduction to butchery and fishwork, create a variety of fantastic dishes using different cooking methods, mastering timing, learning preparation and presentation skills, to give you a solid understanding to impress in your kitchen.

You will leave the class loaded with a great selection of dishes to use and cook at home.

Individual class £175
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Les Classiques

The Classics

(2 hour classes)

A series of shorter classes to be taken individually. Each class covers a classic dish that will impress.

And of course staying true to Madame Gautier, classic French culinary techniques, timings & methods will be taught and how to adapt the skills learnt. Each Les Classiques class covers different skills and practices needed to build a truly classical repertoire for use in your future culinary adventures.

Classes start from £45, see individual classes for prices
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La Pâtisserie


(3 hour classes)

A series of 8 classes, which can be taken individually in any order, as a group of 4 classes or as a complete 8 week course.

Great overview of the different types of classic pastry work and desserts, sauces, garnishes & accompaniments to master the fundamental skills of making, baking and decorating your own pastry and desserts with confidence.

Individual class £105; book 4 classes £385; book 8 week course £735
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La Pâtisserie Fine

Speciality Pastry

These speciality sessions will concentrate, in an in-depth manner, on the finer disciplines of classic pâtisserie. These classes will deepen your knowledge and underpin your skills within the more refined aspects of Pâtisserie. We will teach and provide you with the extra skills and knowledge required to increase your ability, timing and presentation, enabling you to create a luxury range of piâtisserie and sweets.

Macaroons - 3hours - £120
Petits Fours - 3hours - £120
Viennoiserie - Enriched Dough - 5hours - £150
Champagne Afternoon Tea - 3hours - £105
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Techniques Avancées


(5 day comprehensive course)

A 5 day full-time course for the confident amateur or potential professional. This course will teach you the core techniques of classic French cuisine and pâtisserie, ensuring a thorough grounding from which to further develop your skills.

You will learn the theory of ingredients, as well as, hands-on method & techniques and practical equipment skills; providing you with a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of cooking and the kitchen.

You will cover -
professional knife skills; classic French culinary method & techniques; stocks & sauces; shellfish, fish, meat, poultry & vegetable dishes; breads & pastries; creams & custards.

Les Couteaux


(2 hour classes)

In this series of three classes, we will teach you which knife and why it is required for the various techniques of classic cooking. You will learn the most important skill required in a professional kitchen: how to use your knives to their full potential, efficiently, safely and with great control. From chopping and slicing like a pro, to filleting fish and boning a whole chicken.

Learn how to get the most out of your knives; and to look after them & keep them razor sharp. We offer 3 classes in this series, which can be taken individually or as a group, which will give a great grounding: Slice & Dice, Fish Filleting & Chicken Boning.

Individual class £45; book all 3 classes consecutively £120

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Important News 2018

Due to important restructuring at Madame Gautier's, the Cookery School will not be holding classes until further notice.
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